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IPhone compelled me to buy mallsweezy ᐉ UA-Football

The former midfielder Dynamo, and the national team of Ukraine Alexander Oliv, spoke of his hobbies.

– Your Instagram page is not filled with photos of several subscribers. Unlike other players, why do social networks actively work?

– I have never been Facebook or Odnoklassniki. I approached me with the creation of milelski. He says, they say, Sosh, a whats app, you can send photos and voice messages. Six months back, I was in my head. Seeing, revealing photos, and many more girls. But to be honest, I'm going to my people without any problems or work in me, and he's all set for me.

– Have you seen someone after watching a beautiful photo in InAttagram?

– If a girl is good – I like it and you can write it directly "You're so beautiful", but I did not call anyone on that day.

What do you think of plastic surgery or beauty shots?

– Has the chest increased?

– Yes, for example.

– Well, chest, I like it. I love you very much, yes. However, these lips … well, you can make yourself clean at an adult age after your delivery, but a 20-year-old girl does it. It is absolutely nonsense for me.

– Whole or thin girls?

– I like what you like or catch it.

– With a big scare, how is it now possible?

– Damn.

– What is your favorite city?

– Paris. I am a shunt. He came to the store – saw the brand, especially without remembrance.

– Do you now spend a lot of dresses?

– Of course not. That's all that shopping. Now it's not important.

What is your foot size?


– Small, man.

– I have a height 172 centimetersShould I walk about 30 in size, am I a fool? Getting out of the ball, they got those mistakes.

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