Friday , March 24 2023

In Smile, people came out with a protest in the city court


The residents of Smyya went to protests across the local court. Where they considered the case for damage and accident, and were suspected of what they expected – the founder of the private company "Ergonvest vest" Heat up civilians' homes instead of multiplying multi-million dollars to Naphtas Magazine.

People came to the court in the morning, hoping that they could hear the fate of the company, which was temporarily hot on the apartment since 2010. At the same time, the hot summer season has started a considerable delay in the last winters, when the heated heat has been thrice. Schools, kindergartens and hospitals were suspended due to cold.

Holodina, home, flowers, and 10-11 degrees, ending last year, ending last year. This is the second consecutive year, "Smithina told Troyqumats.

Then Ludmila Ienitova, another city resident, admitted that the water was heated, poured into six bottles, and lying down on the bed.

"I heat my apartment, today again, those anchors are in my house because there is no warmth in the apartment, the pipes are very hot, in a room I have a very cold pipe," she complained.

Way President's orderDue to past debt, the Nalodox Gas Gas is not willing to give new production to gas. It's 85 million hryvnia.

"The Nematagas NJD is not obliged to pay any liabilities to the Mingrelian and Smaley, they wear turban with legal cases.

One of the founders of the enterprise company André Carpenko is detained by Kiev. It is suspected to have misused the funds paid to the users.

However, carpecco was not present in the court due to bad health. His lawyer was not there – he was on a business trip. Representatives of the injured party NAFTA AIG did not reach either, so the judge announced the break up to December 3. People who studied the collapse of the meeting threatened to block roads indefinitely.

Remember, we wrote earlier Smilla cooled because of millions of dollars. About 55,000 people were cold.

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