Tuesday , March 28 2023

“I’m not going to waste time in Sweden anymore, he’s on top of the team himself,” McClellan Coach – Football


The team’s midfielder Marjan Schwed was criticized by the head coach of Michelin Waters.

“I’m not going to waste him much time. The players and staff did their best to bring Sweden to the team. But he himself is above the team.

He is often late and pretends not to. The players and staff spoke to him several times, and I spoke to him privately. But we have not received an answer.

If you want to be lonely, but go play billiards or something. You have no place in this team where everyone stands up to each other. He is an introvert and his arrogance makes things worse.

Despite the advantages, there are many players who do not pull the maximum out of their careers. This too can be such a story. If something clicks in his head, we have a quality player. If that doesn’t happen, it’s still a way to get more involved with the expat community here. “

Refers to Mechelen in Swedish loan. The player belongs to the Celtics.

This season, the Ukrainian played 3 games for the Belgian club, with no difference in effective performance. Here are his statistics.

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