Sunday , January 29 2023

Huawei introduced a first leak smartphone by accident.


The front camera screen is literally included. In China, even though it has not yet revealed a smartphone that has not yet appeared, it will only be revealed the other day.

Previously, the Samsung Galaxy A8 smartphone with a "hole" on the screen under the previous cameras was the first smartphone to be launched. But recently the Chinese brand Huawei decided to expel the South Korean opponent. A Huawei Nova 4 company released a camera that was literally mounted on a display.

In the Chinese social network Weibo, there is an incredibly popular and everyday activity in this country. This is Huawei's first movie adaptation.

In addition, one of Huawei's employee showed a Huawei Nova 4 in a wax, surprise one of the passengers. Since the Huawei Nova 4 smartphones are not available on the market yet, the specificity of the image is visible.

The company claims that Huawei Nova 4 will be based on Kirin 980 processor and the company will decide to buy Samsung's new infinity-O displays. In addition, the development of the screen is not just that of Huawei but also the smartphone in front of the competitors.

One day you can become the novice 4. As it is, the company has succeeded to overcome the worst "enemies" from Samsung.

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