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How did Evgeny Osin get killed NTV.Ru


Dead aspen found in Moscow 3-bedroom Albania is the brother of the apartment. The singer is not in a week. It was too late when the woman opened her door with her key. Depending on the primary information 54 years old Walking blocked the heart.

Alexander MalinMusic: "Chennithala … I can say it's definitely sad news."

Alexander MarshallMusician: "I talked to him and all my friends, artists who knew him well, you understand, not the human spirit, but the body is such a tragedy – it's understandable, but the spirit is the kingdom of heaven, a good person in my life and I hope he accepted the Lord. "

Drugs knew the whole country of addiction to addiction. Coworkers Show business He tried to help him.

Igor Zarqhonov, Musician: "I swore to him because he had come out of that attachment, he was happy with the people, but unfortunately, he owned the plot, unfortunately, the evil one succeeded."

Katya Lal, Singer: "I really wanted to save myself, but he had more time Anyway He could not take himself. I told him: "You are a strong man, you are strong. And he said, I {am} within.

Yvonne Osnl confirms that they have not seen a musician recently, he practically went out and nobody opened the door. The singer drank materially. The program "You Will not Believe!" When he realized, he fell down to such an institution in a naked society. He met his guests at his bare bedside in a bathrobe and strayed away from the corridor in the luxury apartment.

The singer complained that he was upset the reason There is no permanent fall. Because Osin was hard to pronounce his words, he admitted he was a strong alcoholic because no one loved him. After his divorce, his former wife, Natalia, refused to see her daughter Agnea. It dried up the artist.

A year ago, cancer was treated in a medicine clinic in Osin Thailand. There was a room in a neighboring cottage in Coimbatore. There was a swimming pool next to Aspan. Patients lying in a five-star hotel complained that the singer complained that such a heavenly life would not be as good.

No miracle happened, Osin escaped from a drug treatment clinic. Donas Borisova, who treated Thailand and looked at Thailand, begged him to come back. Borisova doubted the bitter taste of the saline water. All the precious treatment has fallen down.

In May of this year, Yazjani Osin lauded the relationship with a slavery and laughed heavily in drinking alcohol. At a young age he liked the motor, so he sold a three-story garage in Rublevka to buy new motorcycles. On the first trip the singer broke his legs, but it prevented him. At the same time, there was another danger of an artist living on the front of NTV camera. He wanted to prove that he was driving a motorcycle with his footsteps. But when he got out of the track, he got into a tractor.

Doctors have found a seizure of aspen's radial bone. Later, he complained that the actor was broken. At the hospital, the patient's elderly resident remained with them for three weeks and had good health.

The real reason for the death of Yvjani Oscians after a forensic examination is established. The author of the "Crossing Girl in the Machine" is hacked by Troyikovsky Cemetery.

Remembering all the country celebrating the dance in Boris Yeltsin's dance in 1996.

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