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Grittescu said he was who attacked his mother in Odessa

Poroshenko directly claimed that the leader of Anatoly Gritsenko had attacked his followers in Odessa in the party's civil position.

"Members of our party, they say, the map, the official campaign starts, they yeajikkunnillenn professional security. All sectors, for the performance of the Left, Center for by the report, here it is odisayil law, and the bold your footing Resource mobilization, Peter alaksevicc?" He Facebook Ukkil wrote.

He said three colleagues, his colleagues, had a discomfort. The doctors were in the hands of the injured despite the injuries. The criminal proceedings of police were opened under Article 296 (Policemen).

Most of the supervisors and majority of the attackers have already been installed, the client can not investigate, he knows, long enough, the criminals will answer not only the court. "He pointed out.


Among the parties led by Batvvisina, a popular servant who reported "country", was replaced by Gritescu and Opposition parties.

Gritsenko, whom we wrote earlier, has appointed head of the headquarters. It's not Balo.

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