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Google buries 44 services

Closed products include Google Video Video Hosting, Google+ Social Network, Google Talk Messenger and many more.

Google has published a list of 44 ports called "Cemetery". This is clear from the information found on the Google Cemetery page.

In particular, the company's plans include:

  • Google Answers Online Knowledge Supermarket existed between 2002 and 2006;
  • Dictionary Google Dictionary (2010-2011);
  • Google Video Video Hosting (2005-2012);
  • RSS Reader Google Reader (2005-2013);
  • iGoogle personalized homepage (2005-2013);
  • Google Talk Messenger (2005-2017);
  • Picasa Graphic Editor (2002-2016);
  • Google Code for Software Developers (2006-2016).

In 2018, the shortest service in this list is added to and social network.

Google's revenue in Ukraine in 2013 is 3.5 billion

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