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Glacier and Traffic Jams: Located on Kiev Road


On Wednesday, January 23, 9-point traffic jams collapsed. "Storm and Hour" Because of the weather and climate, it is because of the heavy snowfall that the snow is falling on the head, covering a cane covering the roads.

Road accidents increase due to snow and accidents. It informs Infomer by pointing data traffic jams.

Traditionally, the cars travel quite slowly on most streets of the center of the capital. Traffic Avenue is located near metro stations, "Zyothothion", "Saimur". Darnitsky and Moskovsky bridges. Southern Bridge, Posnakai and Oscar-McCourt Stations. Do not waste cars in the direction of Left in Paton Bridge. Additionally, snowfall in the Odessa region dried up traffic in Kiev-Odessa. The ice is about 10 to 22 cm thick.

To avoid creating an emergency, follow some simple rules:

  • Do not limit the speed that can lead to emergency situations in the adverse weather, save the distance, and discard the dangerous activities;
  • Slow down on pedestrian crossings and adolescent approaches;
  • Do not forget to include side lights or fog lights;
Traffic jams January 23

Traffic jams January 23

Everyone is worried about the cold winter in Kiev when it gets hot. We have reported earlier that the climate and monsoon climate is improving.

Maria Bunyakina

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