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Germany defeated Russia. If you're worried you're wrong – friendly matches 2018 – football

Whether it is good to watch football or whether it is good or medium, is a simple test. Early in the morning, when we saw news about in Germany, 0: 3, we were incredibly upset – Congratulations, you have not passed.

The Russian team did not lose two months in the national games, sometimes it was a great game, and sometimes it was sinking in the defense of another. If it did not create it in any way, it certainly did not have to go to Germany. For all domestic and external difficulties, Bundesty and Jackie Low have not thrown down the Russian team. Yes, when intentional training ideas are gone, sometimes you can retain a high quality system (the final match with Space Hierro), but this is definitely not the option in Level.

After winning the 2014 season, colleague Hans Dieter Flick lost his yoga team. But he has not lost faith in modern football in the crisis of national teams. So, along with the young stars in the team, Germany has no problem with individually mediocre footballers from Germany.

It's a big deal (for which you can not allow 7 points in three games), Czech Republic is defeated in the weakest matches in their history, but in order to keep it against the Bundestag in the autobiographical composition, we need quite different resources.

Notify each other's need for each other. You will see how strong the German is. In the early whistle, it is impossible to doubt its supremacy. At the strength of the Germans, Muller opposes Sobalot, Anton Miranchuk Royce, Gortsk Campolov, Hammells to Semenov. German could not find the possibility of Russia for newcomers or evaluate itself as a rival. The first 40 minutes did not work. The second final result has not come out. Corshu is the quarter-finals of the World Cup. In the last six official competitions, Leewak defeated four defeats.

Stanislav Cherokee (Russia), Jumping Loov (Germany)

Stanislav Cherokee (Russia), Jumping Loov (Germany)Getty Images

Currently, 3: 0 is a factor. There are very few facts about the current situation. Three goals from Germany will not compete against Golvin, Fernandes, Cherish and especially DCB. If Russia gets the worst performance in Germany, such an outcome will not be expected.

The team went with the Cherkowa team. The jikia and the nestist were all created somewhat, but four years later (five years later), the caretaker of the Nairobi was very careful. The Korilan Nabein Corner was shot when the ball was kept on the ball.

The coach was very difficult when Ari's design, Gassinsky and Miransak were in the national team, while the Brazilian and locomotive player in Krasnodar were coached. In this brave legionary, Chloe was stronger than the stronger – Fernandes, Voluski, Akhmetov and Olisakov did not exist under the Fernander. The most rapidly dropped eyes between Rudigar and Sulekha, taking into consideration his age.

Aur (Russia), Antonio Rudigar (Germany)

Aur (Russia), Antonio Rudigar (Germany)Getty Images

Midfielder was inhibited as a plus, fatigued, fierce match – for hours of the game, Iraq and Kosyuva did not break their shoulders. Red Bull touched the first columns of Arena and insulted the audience. In such cases, you must take up to five days of unemployed people without hurting you. Do not kill the players of middle class Russia.

We should never deceive Turkey and win the Czech Republic. This is good, but not the best opponents in evaluating your own strength. Fáccci Chernova and World Cup are continuing to boost the expectations of the audience before the 2018 World Cup. Despite the disappointments of Iran and Qatar, the victory over the Turks was reversed. But Russia will not be willing to play in a match equal to 2014 world championship.

Stasy's task is very simple – the lowest loss in the last one of the year's games. All the tasks are largely solved and not only to lose in Sweden, nor do you get your teeth away from losing the first place in the National League of Nations. By 2018th, when a king completes, like the whole team – will drown emotions from Spain's victory and eliminate a penalty shootout in Croatia.

Russia has already done a lot – its most successful victory in history, after the defeat of Denmark in 1994, Greece in 2006, or Chelsea in 2012. It is necessary to look wherever Germany is and where we do not know where Cherachov is.

Germany – Russia – 3: 0

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