Friday , January 27 2023

First live photos of new Kia Solar photos (photo)


On November 28, a third kiosk will be screened at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. If traditionally been interested in the new product, South Korean automaker had already displayed the whole teens, but the picture was not fully developed yet.

But the new hatchback photos now can not be copied onto Mexico's roads. The official presentation of Kia Soul 2019 will be very soon, but we'll see it a little more.

Kia Sol

As you remember, the new Kia soul will get "off road" and "sports" changes. Maybe it was captured in the photo. Generally, the famous Silhouette could be distinguished, although the design was completely changed.

Look at the front lights and the combined lines. The current decision is the opposite of large headlights. Also, Front Optics is built on a trendy "two-story" format.

Kia Sol

Behind more changes – look at the new lighting in the fancy shape, literally surrounding the stern. It is suspicious and surprising, but it's easy to learn new material in the stream.

At the end of this month we also find something new, as well as all technical data. In addition to the Los Angeles, Kia and Standard Edition, the Sol X-Line crossover shows GT line challenges and a power modification.

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