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Fiat Crissler, Renault Plan

May 27, 22:40

He expressed interest in the direction to the Round Board of Directors.

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The Italian-Italian car manufacturer Fiat Crisler (FCA) officially announced the proposal for merging French RNL on May 27.

The direct board of directors said that they had "carefully investigated" this suggestion. The official decision of anxiety will be announced within a few days or a few days, the Renault reported.

If the merger happens, Fiat Chrysler and Renault will become the third automaker in the world.
According to the FCA's guidelines, both the companies will get 50 per cent equity in the near future. 8.7 million cars are sold for luxury cars from luxury cars every year. Now more cars are built only by Volkswagen and Toyota.

In Europe, Renault is selling mainly cars like Diana, Samsung and Ladda. In the USA – the world's second largest car market – French automobile does not represent. In China, Renault is not the world's largest car market.

The FCA does not sell in the European Union. Jeep, Ram, and Dodge are purchased in North America and Mexico by cars. Electric cars are not produced by FC now.

Experts say the merger of two vehicle manufacturers will not affect work loss. Renoel does not plan to close Fiat Chrysler and factories. At the same time, thanks to the merger, they expect to save up to € 5 billion a year.

Stock Marks responded to news related to a merger. FCA stock price was 18 per cent after Monday's stock trading. Renault stock price is over 15%.

Remember Ford is the biggest car maker in the world. The company excludes excessive managers and other white-collar workers.

At the same time Tesla is on the verge of bankruptcy. The manufacturer of electric vehicles is in serious loss.

A The ride to Scooter in Uber Australia. The cost for two trips will be $ 3,000.

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