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"Europeans" set up a tent in Rosion, Wisconsin

    Euroilin set up a tent at Rosion in Vincentus


"Europeler" joined the Roshan factory

"Europeans" built a Factory Roshan factory in Vincent and set up a tent there. Drivers do not yet take active action.

In Vinnitsa, in November, over 30 car owners in Polish and Lithuania registrations, part of the AvtoEvroSil Association, blocked cars around the second Roshen ship factory in Vinnitsa. Write on Winnews News Monday, November 26.

The goal of drivers is to prevent the institution's work.

The owner of the car does not take active steps to prevent the Roshan factory, which is waiting for patrols from other territories. They broke up some sparks and started using a tent.

At the same time, the organization AvtoevroSil reported that the organization had no association with such procedures.

Arrival of law enforcement agencies on the site of possible protests.

Earlier, "Urolorberts" completely blocked the border between Ukraine and Poland.

The Wagons crashed through the "Euro Blaster" coordinator at Yagdin checkpoint

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