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Europa League at Dinilo vs Renoise online 11/08/2018


In the fourth round of the Europa League group stage, Dinamo and Frenchman will participate. The Kiev match will be held at the Olympic Stadium, which will be held on November 9.

The eighth round of the European League will take place in Kiev on Thursday, November 8 against French Runners at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow.

Exit exit of Kiev Dynamo in Roche Park on 25 October against French Rennes. Alexander Khataski's team made every effort to win the road. The match ended with a blue 1: 2 score. The competition will lead to the renewal of online dialogue of Dynamo – Rens, the start of the competition at 19:55.

Renaissance UEFA handed over judicial team from Scotland under 35-year-old John Beton.

TEXT Broadcast

Thanks for being with us! Cu l8r!

Self-reliance on the dynamo, and most importantly a success! Youth are growing from Europe League Dynamo Group!

The end of the match

90. Subdivisions for dynamo: substitutes for surgata, dubout, verby, and shaparren.

89. The dry dynamo will not win. the aim! Sheebatso closed the room on the right. 3: 1.

88 The quiet Dynamo game is for winning. They have not succeeded in such an account for so long.

83 Here we are shifted from Katysivis. Guevara's replacement with Ciudadrick.

78 It is not particularly reliable in protecting the dynamo. Sri Lanka now lost Cadere and Mikholenko. Boycott could not beat it.

74. The last is on the reels. Champaran scored a golden goal goal. Dynamo is not a single setback.

72. Gokul !!!!! The Gossip: All! Hey shaper keno! Strange game, the error in the furniture, errors in the error! Beevi!

71 Rebecca in Rene: Sibacho is being released instead of Sarac.

70 A Counter Counter Dynamom! Only Che Guevara took Shapreno at once.

68. Goooooooooooooooooo !!!!! Naturally the playback singer! His shpackenegon was collected, James gave his head to the head !!! Lead your youth 2: 0!

64. Later, many moments do not understand Dynamom.

60 Keenders was linked with his cadet attack, and he was shot dead in the city and left an empty roof and collapsed the gateway in parallel. Not in Brazil.

58. It is also common to play even smoothly in today's production.

56. The distance away is pretty good! Barbelle is next.

55. Silika Shaprenneko was beaten and got a yellow card.

54. Boy! Supersaw or just touching? From the meter literally, Mikulenko beat him full of excellence, but he got up Boyko! Lucky Dynamo. Very much

53. Now the scribble was able to punch the ball and cut off the ball from him.

49. A setback from Buyallsky, this time in the hands of the goalkeeper.

48 Heardwork for his left foot – a lot of doors.

46. Rene instead of: Traore instead, M & # 39; Baye Niang.



43. Møllenko requested Verbik to bow down to the hands of the goalkeeper.

42 Generally, Dynamo controls the game. That will score more.

39 Tinkenkow linked Michelegoo with the attack, but the defender was very mistaken. Gate is on top!

35 The stadium is not full of strength, but dynamo fans can really hear it.

33. David Dynamo, you must score a second!

32. Another moment! Tingankov played the ball in the penguin area and hit the ball with the ball.

29. Nayiim received an invalid yellow card for a foul near the penalty.

28 A fun ride in the dynamo! The French was cut near their doors. When Shaprenen's ball struck him out with a pregnant partner, the attacker beat Gopi, but the ball was not hit from the granite.

25. Dangerous attack from reins and unspecified strikes outside the boxes.

18 Dynamo battle – Rince took the initiative.

15 Dynamo did not stop, Shaperango aktivnichayet. A good shot from long range – the goalkeeper saves.


So Verky was over

14. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOLELLLLLLLLLL !!!!!! And it looks like this is a corporate martyr we've seen! TSYGANKOV GAVEED – forgotten Verbe Gate near! 1: 0! Good start!

12 Another standard for the Dynamo – verbike was not a barrage. Again, punch does not work after file.

7. But the canopy of Captain dynamo is not closed, delivery is good.

6 Saigonkov earned a free kick on his floors.

5 This is not a dynamo ball. But it was quite different.

1. Something new from Khataskhish. Bheda and Kadar accompanied by Che Guevara

The competition is changing

At René's start, Ben Hurf – is the team's most notable force. Dynamo verbik will again play the striker. Siddiqui and Che-Chet should be fun early.

The teams are going to eat, the stadium is empty.

Compilation activities

Dynamo: Boyco – Mihololenko, Cadar, Burda, Chezers – Che-Che, Bayelski, Shaparanko – Zidki, Cyngekov – Verky.

Renez: Caybeck – Bensenbain, Nimizi, Dil Silva, Trio – Lee Siliky, Poe – Barigo, Zoffun – Zare, Ben Arfa.

The latest team games in the championship

In the final match of Ukraine, he played with Donetsk Miner with Dynamo Kiev 2: 1. Second place in the dynamo list in the Ukraine championship.

But it was not enough to help the team in the first match of the tournament when they played against the French Rangers at the score 1: 2. In the regional championship, Rennes is in the 12th place.

Europa League scoreboard

K Group Scoreboard / Photo:

Now the Europa League stands second with five points in blue and white. Rons is third. A point in front of Jablonnek.

All teams have 3 games. Stands are performed by the Astana team due to the small goals that they compete with Dynamom.

Ticket for the match dynamo

The ticket office for the upcoming match continues in ticket offices at the Olympic, Valari Lobanovsky stadium. (The ticket office is open from 10:00 to 18:00, from 13:00 to 14:00).

A ticket for the game is available in the following prices: 50, 100, 170, 230, 270, 300, 450 and 500 hryvnia.

Weather Day

On November 8, weather forecasters will not predict Kiev's weather forecasts. The surface surface temperature is -2.7 degrees.

Predict games

Football Dynamo – Response / Photo:

Dynamo predicts a success victory. For example, William Hill has a home team of 2.05 points, at 3.60 runs. A match in a match is likely to be 3.40.

Bookinger won the match with Dynamics 2.05, and runs – 3.75. A match in a match is likely to be 3.40.

Experts also led the Alexander Katswavi team to victory. The fact that the match ends in a draw – here they were 3.30.

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