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Dynamo Maripol played in the home game – football


Ukraine's competition between Dynamo and Mariupu ended.

Dynamo Maripol has been defeated in the home game

November 11, 2018, 18:55

The wards of Alexander Babak have begun unexpectedly in the match against ordinary fans. Mariupol controls the ball and positional attacks. In the fifth minute, boricchik tried to fly away from the perit area.

Ten minutes later, Tyshenko hit the penalty box in the penalty box. Boyco played, but the ball hit the post and flew into the field.

After this moment, Mariupol gave a bit of (or otherwise) calm down the dynamo project. Morozi checked Galchtsch free from sleep, but he beated himself directly to the goal-keeper. Chobotne made his way to his right net after shooting through Tiboganov. But the lead in the 33 th minute saw the lead.

Lamborghay Mornelko returned to Shapiro and Nicola in penalty. Both the goalkeeper also beat the opponent. But in front of midfielder Deanomo, who scored in the second over,

In the beginning of the second half, Mariupol was able to score again, but after the defeat of Miklinko, the zbuckwell did not reach it.

In reply Diana won twice. First shot to the Moroccan penalty area on the right. Verby was the first ball to score a goal to goalkeeper's goal. After five minutes, Chubut went on as the first half and the ball flew into the gates of Azov. Tipgonk Sheplev was totally excommunicated, and Galchock was hacked to death by Victor, but he was defeated in his defense.

After this match, you can finish the game, but to another goal viewer. The Sheplewela held in the penalty area of ​​T-shirt and Tigangomkov failed precisely from penalty spotting.

Dynamo – Mariupol 4: 0
Goals: Shaperango, 33, Verbych, 57, Chobotkono, 62, Saigonkov, 85 (from penalty spot)

Dynamo: Bingo – Morozai, Burda, Kadhar, Michaloncoco – Shellev, Biedalsky (Che Chea, 67) – Saigonkov, Shaparenco (Sidorach 75), Srdley – Verbyk (Sutiganga, 86)

It was alright: Galchuk – Kiryukhantsev (Polegenko, 81), Chobotenko, Bikv, Tishcheco – Ignatenko (Mishnnev, 62), Fedorach, Pikalinok – Department, Boriyakak (Churko, 71), SUBKOV

Warnings: Morozux, Cadar – Tishchenko, Fedorach, Brychakak, Biocav

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