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Chuckter overpassed Hoffenheim and retained the possibility of playing in the Champions League.

Tyson expressed hope in the winners of the Pirosso Fontasko in the Champions League. The match ended (3: 2).

Ucraina football competition was held on the fifth round of the UEFA Football Tournament in the Champions League group in the German city of Xinjiang. Hoffhineham Shaiker Donetsk was taken to the Renaist Arena Stadium as part of Group F Group.

Paulo Fonseca's players are in a difficult time when the European Cup season is one of the rivals in the old world's most important tournament directly. The match has been remembered for the junior Nilesman, who made his debut in the league in the Champions League. He scored three goals with a 7: 7.

The position of the German team in relation to the opponent was more successful: one point difference allowed the "village" to focus only on the outcome of a parallel shield in France. He was directly dependent on the miner. This game does not represent.

2: 2 – then goals scored by Manchester City against the Donetsk squad – 0: 3, and the USC Methodists 0: 6 on the British islands. The Foncácca team was able to win the right to play in the 1/8 stadium of the Champions League. They first went to a small town in Southwestern Germany.

The majority (such as those who do not like the success of a party), the viewers felt impressive from the start minutes. It's hard not to admit! Teams do not shrink from max speed. This is especially true from Donetsk's team. It tried to implement the training concept of the game using a new "5-4-1" scheme. Also, it is not possible to close the injured players and surprise an opponent who can "read" your game in the first match.

Long time was not able to wait for the result of such a reconstruction. Ismail's pistol hit the right ball. But his comeback was determined to go back to the goal. However, there was only one team member in one team. The bouncers pulled out the ball to Bunman's goal when he returned to a left-handed penalty area, a stenochka.

Hoffhair dismissed such an opponent's failure to lose the second ball within an hour. A high level of resistance is a mistake in the center of the fields when creating an artificial "offside" from the tissue. As a result, Morales assisted the writer as a goal-line race for the best isolated single goal. The goalkeepers only succeeded, the captain of the team of Donetsk did not much hide. It happened only in the first quarter of an hour!

Unfortunately, Hoffheim's ball halted an unusual match with five players for defense. After the exchange of Central Zone, the newspaper collected the Kormi. The ball hit the head towards the head of the goalkeeper in the Ukraine.

Defensive mining stalled in the first half, but Foncica's allegations began to reduce match speed and attempted to control the opponent's attacks until the last five minutes of the first half. Cadshbek shot from the right. But, escaped from the subdivision of Krivtsov to intercept this transfer. It was Seubor, the first person to be patient with the patience of Sergey's work, the first person to drive the penalty spot to the net. Immanle tried to save his goal through a mad lump of gallows, but threatened the threat – 2: 2.

The excellence and part of the recipient in the second half will be the most dangerous opponents of "miners".

Significant changes were made in Hofheehm for hours, for hours to regulate the forces in the field. Adam Salai was twice injured as a rival. He was later expelled from the Matincoquo after the foul.

However, in the minority, there was a sharp sharpness in the "village" raid and in the gates of Minor. Sometimes it was dangerous. There has been a constant change in the situation in a parallel fight in host cities in Lion Manchester City. But it was not difficult to look at the scoring board to raise the pitch head.

Halffenhine missed the exciting moments in our entrance! A luxury super suurine outside the penalty area lowered the left handwriting, crossing the crossbar or ten meters to the slip away to the slip to the Niko Slells.

However, Minor was the answer! Ismaili went to the gate twice. But Berman helped us overcome the threat twice. Tion joined the partner's efforts. Left-hand examination of the opponent's goalkeeper's long-range shots, in which the match ended, and left Barbel shook.

The match ended, and had the same score with 2: 2. After this, Shaktar was raising his opponent's defenses. After handing it off the left side of the penalty area, the balloon was put on the primary touch and sent slowly to the right angle and sent the group with the goal of turning the group back. The next league of Champions League!

The last match of the group league in the Champions League League group will be marked in the home battle against French Leone. Hoffenhamham will be tested at an appointment with Manchester City.

Hoffhum – At least 2: 3
Goals: Kramarch, 17, Suber, 40 – Ismaili 14, Tyson 15, 90 + 3.

Hoffheim Bumi – Kadahabaku, Bachakchichi, Vote, Nortett (Grilich, 84), Shoulls (Griffo, 85) – Subair (Nelson, 77), Salai, Dimmibai, Kramorch – in Belfod.

Shakha: Miminco, Quitzov, Khocholova, Ismaili – Mayon, Stepanenko (Patrick, 77), Cowlescano (Dentino, 85), Tyson – Moraz.

Warnings: Salai, Vote, Demirbae ​​- Stepanenko, Matvinko, Cretsov, Danchheno, Patot

Adam Salai (Hoffhine) was removed in the 60th minute.

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