Friday , June 9 2023

Chappell breaks out in Zhytomyr area: Video


Chappell broke in the Zhytomyr area

Photo: Screenshot from video

There was no incident in the Chapel of Zhytomyr diocese of UOC-MP

Unidentified windows, scattered icons destroyed, and a well of river in a barrack in the district of Baranovsky.

Glass unrecognizable in chapel windows near the road to high farnas and drobrovka villages. The police had reported on January 23 that the Jyotirmar sector police had been arrested.

On January 22, a priest preached at the Baranowski police station. At night, unidentified people burst the glass in a church window.

Police said the fountains at 100-150 meters were damaged by chains inside the chapel and symbols.

This argument started with criminal proceedings. Partners are established.

Earlier, the master of the Transformation Cathedral in Sumi approached the police. Anonymous people said they entered the portal and opened a door. Later, the fireworks were used to play the carrier carrier karnals associated with the explosive material.

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