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B / usnyy "Zaporozhats" was sold for 30 thousand euros


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The ZAZ-968M product produced from the late 1979s to April 1994 is under the brand name of Ylta


The ZAZ-968M car in 1987 is sold in the biggest automobile in Europe with a real body and engine. Buy "Zaporozets" with a mileage of up to 17 kilometers can cost you 30 thousand euros.

An advertisement on the AutoScout24 website indicates that it has been registered in Poland in 1995 and is still running in the garage every year. In July 2017 ZAZ-968M underwent a complete recovery process. In this situation, the tires and the battery were replaced, the body and the engine remained true.

Fuel consumption in Europe has also improved, "he said.

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Produced from late 1979 until April 1994. ZAZ-968M under the Yelta brand. The last of these models was inaugurated by Solidarjeta Solidarity Line on November 15, 1994, on the Roads of Zaporozhye Automobile. Variable characteristics of the model: the rear-engine layout, the V-shaped air-cool engine, the autonomous gasoline heater. MezZ-968E (41 hp), MeMZ-968GE (45 hp), MeMZ-968BE (50 hp) and AI-93 petrol engines.

Remember Sold off roading in Ukraine "Zaporozhye". In the owner's opinion, the revised ZAZ-968 in 1991 is "the hunt and fishing".

We wrote it down Ukraine became "Zaporozhats" in Ford Mustang. The artisan replaced the design of the body and rebuilt the car's technical fault.

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