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Thousands of mothers and babies can be found from deadly animal bacteria



Thousands of mothers and babies can be found from deadly animal bacteria

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After finding out how to make meat as a foodgrain, American scientists say the vaccine may be developed to prevent deadly complications from throat.

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About 2,000 new bacteria have been found in the colon

Every year 700 million people have a clustered infection. It is transmitted through sneezing, cough, kiss and cap.

In most cases, this condition will be healed within a few days using antibiotics, sometimes with children and new mothers, from the group "A" to throat, lungs, blood, healthy tissue, and more than 500,000 deaths a year.

Experts warn of an immediate disorder in the future that antibiotics will be less effective.

In a recent study, scientists have suggested that bacterial infections can be reduced. Scientists have scrutinized the largest collection of information collected in the genetic structure of the group "A" group. In the end, this allowed the structure of complex bacteria to be determined.

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The heart pump threatens children with chronic health problems

"We have been studying this issue for more than 100 years, and we have no effective preventative capabilities for Group A." Doctor of the James Mouser Houston Methodist Hospital However, Group A took a major step in getting a effective vacuum to get out of the artificial intellectual crisis.

The most important thing to be found in this study is the strategy adopted by the "A" group, which causes serious illness in humans. In this system we have identified the controls that control the bacteria of the bacteria and determine whether it is a virus infection or a high pathogenic agent ".

"This invention can not be used to analyze an unusual amount of analysis for unusual measurement," explaining how a variety of AC 28 types of bacteria in a group of bacteria can cause a deadly disease. "

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