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The scene of a group of black camels on a white blanket in Saudi Arabia is amazing


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A video of a herd of camels shot in Saudi Arabia recently went viral.

In early November, photographer Abdul Rahman Ibrahim Saleh al-Ali shows a camel with a black scene in the Al Bada area west of the hailstorm, or running over a white sheet formed as a result of hailstones falling.

In an interview with CNN in Arabic, Al Ali, who is interested in weather monitoring and documenting the nature of the country, said: “Following the weather, I realized the expectations of heavy rain in this area. I went to the western part of the hail area and of course there was rain and hail.

The video received a lot of attention from the local media and some other platforms around the world.The video received widespread attention in the local media and on some other platforms around the world.

The camels accidentally appeared in front of the photographer.

In Saudi Arabia ... A herd of black camels in a white blanket stuns the internet in the bitter cold
This is not the first time a photographer has recorded camels, and several camel clips have been recorded in Saudi Arabia in the past.
Attribution: N Anime_games

The 30-year-old photographer added, “When I recorded, black camels appeared after the hailstorm, so I captured this amazing scene that reflected the color of the sky, and the color of the black camels with the cold.”

In Saudi Arabia ... A herd of black camels in a white blanket amazes the internet after a cold rain
In Saudi Arabia, the photographer wants to capture everything from heritage to nature.
Attribution: N Anime_games

The photographer believes that the presence of black camels in the white blanket of cold particles surprised the viewers.

Camels vary in their colors and names, and the most famous camels have Mogahim, also known as Najdi camels.

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