Friday , October 15 2021

The possibilities of the "continental" beach team are complex and … a property

The National Beach Soccer team will be the semi-finals of the eighth edition of the Beach Confederations Cup Football Tournament in Dubai, under the leadership of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince and chairman of Dubai Sports Council. The Spanish team won by 5-4.

"White beaches" defeated by the Spanish team in Brazil won the first match of the Spanish League at 6:45. But if the feroze loses, they will enter the tournament. Difference of two goals. The qualification for the Egyptian team qualifies as a result of the national team competition in the loss of a goal difference in «Farrell» against Brazil or «White» losses.

The national team had a great victory when Spencer reached 5-1 before Almedado advanced three consecutive goals. Avoiding white priority for goals that are capable of boosting quality.

When the league goals scored through Leone, the national team were beaten five seconds later.

While trying to score al-Ya'bud, while Volk Muammar returned as the successor of a double-header, Himaman Motors exploited Spanish defensive and goalkeeper. Zero to finish first 1-1 (7).

In the first half of the second half, Ahmad Bishar was the captain of the game. In the box, two goals were scored in two goals.

Hemman Montser, who scored the fourth goal, added Ali Mohammed V in the second half of the game.

The Spanish team reached back in the third and third goal against Anthony Jose and Ahmad Bishin who scored goal in the second half and missed the penalty.

When the third goal was scored by a freak, the same player achieved the free kick to finish 5-4 through his fourth and fourth goal.

"Brazil is doing a brilliant attack, but we know like many other weaknesses like that and we will try to train them well," said Khalil Ahli, head of the football team. In today's game.

Spain against Spain against Spain have won the victory over Spain. But unfortunately, our team was not in favor of the second match. Several goals helped the opponent to score three goals. The same thing happened in Egypt's first match when the exact penalty was denied. The score was 1-1, and it helped us to have a difficult goal from our job. "

If our interest in the competition between Egypt and Spain ends, circumstances in the final round will help us, "he said.

Qualifying scene in the first set

– Definitely worth the national team in place of Egypt's defeat by defeating Brazil.

Egypt won the match against Spain and saw the match between the UAE and Samba.

Farrell qualified after a goal in Spain and lost white from Brazil.

Spain winning against Spain 2-0

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