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The frequency of the new Fazer sports channel


Live TV, which airs the new al-Fager sports channel frequency Search frequency has grown and enjoyed because of its most recent and broader content New Don Channel Al-Fajr is enjoying a high view because of the great interest of all the Arab world. Or even the frequency of the new Don Channel is a regional TV channel in Tulqaram in Palestine, but has received great recognition in Arabian perspective. Established in 1995, this institution has determined the content of Palestine and all countries in the world.

The Dawn 2018 channel, known as the New Dan TV, has featured al-Farzar Channel to explain Palestinian programs and topics, and the content of the new al-Fajre Channel will feature the latest developments in the Palestinian region. The Channel Channel also focuses on all newsletters in all the Arabs. Al-Fajar Channel sports. Sports games are open in local, Arab and international games, and do not broadcast to al-Fazer to the audience, which is different from local and international news, as well as many programs.

Video of new Dan Sports Channel

The enthusiasm of the Dan 2018 channel gives interesting and engaging content of serials, especially serials that attract many followers of different ages.

Al-Fajri Sports Channel broadcasts

The live broadcaster of the Al-Fazer sports channel offers you a chance to watch a live-in-the-minute live broadcast without cutting the internet.

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Al-Fajri Sports Channel broadcasts
The frequency of the Al Fajar sports channel will live now

New Don Channel Frequency

The moon Frequency Encoding rate Polarization FEC
Nilesate 11748 (v) 27500 Vertical 3/4
Nilesate (v) 10922 27500 Vertical 3/4
Nilesate 12398 (v)
27500 Vertical 3/4

The frequency of motion on NileSat

  • Frequency: 11748.
  • Polarization: Vertical V.
  • Cading rate: 27500
  • FEC (Error Co Efficient): 3/4

Channel Palestinian and his relations with the Palestinian Authority have been linked to the Palestinian citizen's responsibility to inform the Palestinian citizen that the al-Fajer has gained its reputation from accessing Arab views. Under the brutal Zionist invasion, Palestine is the voice of the Palestinian Authority and the international community. Fajr is trying to show off violence, violations and brutal attacks against the Palestinians in Zionist occupation.

New Down TV Show

  • Facebook Facebook logo Click Me
  • Ahmad al-Shakkhiri.
  • Arab Talent Program.
  • Ramas plays on fire.
  • Program point, a new section of Sheikh Amarama Mana.
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  • Arab Ghat Talent.
  • Tutulkar Sheikh Amr al-Baqarah: The Fundamentals of Fawlah &

Al-Fajr, the most famous series of new channels

  • Demono Series.
  • The Barret Series.
  • The Khatton series
  • Al Khanka series.
  • Serial Serial.
  • Daily text range.
  • Al Bass series
  • Al Sham Series.
  • The spirit of the spirit's stand.
  • A series of crimes.
  • Valley valley
  • Mamoun & Partners Series.
  • The hot door serial.
  • The Godfather series under the belt

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