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See how Shatta Hassan participates in his wedding day. Who is coming?


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Ameer Fatty Tuesday, Tuesday, November 6, 2018 10:46 –

Shanta Hassan

Shanta Hassan

See how Shatta Hassan participates in his wedding day. Who is coming?

In the recent marriage, Agassi artist Shahada Hassan is in Morocco. Recently she refused to recognize a lot of videos and was willing to marry an elite businessman.

Mangalam Saeed, fashion designer Salma Ben Omar, Dr Majid Naji, artist Fati Jamali came to the land of her mother.

In this context, the Iraqi singer publishes a video clip on their page in the "Instagram" app with his friends, and surround them, not singing a song "Congratulations" for Lebanese star Raimi Aikin, but thanks to her friends.

I was one of Shata's friends who went to his wedding the next week at Moron's mother's mother in Motorola, another of Lebanese director Jo Bo Ead.

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