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Rotana Rotana channels 2019 (movie, movies, drama, classic, gulf, clips, music, message)

Routana Channels Frequency Rotana 2019, Rota channels, one of the most widely watched channels in the world of Arabian world, is based on your channel, which is not close to your eyes. It is the strongest and most important entertainment network in attracting many families in the Arabian region. The Prince is Saudi Saudi Channel owned by Prince Alwalid Bin Talala. RETANA CLASSIC, ROTATA CLASS, ROTATNA FILMS, ROTATNA DOMA, ROTATA KALZHIIA, ROTATA CLIPP, ROTATA MUSIC, RETANA MARRIA, ALL WALLALLA AND RATANA NETWORK In its representation, all viewers should see various films and series. The theory of theory, the principles of the Arabian media, the principles of Arabian media, The families of the Arabs in the countries They always want to provide the very best, and different content from a lack of nalute.

Romantic film Romantic film.

Saudi Channel was founded in 2004. It is presented by comic, romantic, dramatic, modern and modern movies. It is the first platform that has been working all day long until all the Arab countries have great popular support.

Rotana Film Frequency Channel

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11296 (h)275003/4

Retanage channel Retina Afla.

In 2012, this group, featuring golf, modernity and modern films from Jordan, Lebanese and Jordan, presents various programs, art news, artists and their latest cinematic work. The channel is authentic Arabic content and you can learn Abu Dhabi Channel's Frequency Abu Dhabi 2019 (Abu Dhabi Emirate, Sports, National Geographic, Majid)

Rotana channel frequency.

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Nilesate11296 (h)27500Horizontally

Rotana Classic Channel Shit Classic.

In 2012, the highest number of films produced in Arab countries. This name is derived from the Rotta ala. Um Kaltham, Abdul Halim Hafeez, Farid al-Atarash and Faisa Ahmed have sung the music and songs of famous musicians. .

Romantic classic and new channel frequency.

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Nilesate11295 (h) 27500Horizontally

Romantic channel theater Shit Drama.

In 2017, the Roma Drama plays a slogan. Special programs for technical and social programs include serials, including Arab and Turkish words, and the theme of the audience. In addition, for the continuation of the continuous showcase, Egypt became the most watched in the Arab world.

Rotana Channel is a new play

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Routana Calgary channel.

It was released in 2005. The first was to submit songs and clips and then made available art work in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. The museum has also exhibited pictures of Egyptian, Arabian Gulf, Arabian Saudi programs, Gulf of Turkey and Turkish Madbaluj, Gulf.

Rotana channel is the new channel.

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Nilesate 11296 (h)27500Horizontally

Rotana Egyptian Channel.

The Egyptian cycle is important Rotana channels group Many important programs in the Egyptian Street are one of the popular channels offered by programmers, serials and dramas, in addition to a number of programs, the Rhonda channel Saudi Channel, which opened in 2011.

Rotana Egyptian channel frequency

FrequencyEncoding rateFEC
11296 (h)27500

Rottana Music.

Rotana Channel is one of the top channels of Arabic, Gulf Music, and the latest news from the stars. Besides, there are also the largest music library and audio visual artists, especially for the Arab-Gulf youth targets.

Rotana channel channel frequency.

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You are11295Horizontally275003/4

Channel Rotana clip Rotana clip.

This is one of the best songs in popular music, romance and dramas with the introduction of concert directors from the Art Center.

Rotana clip channel frequency on Nilesat.

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Eutelsat – 711295Horizontally275003/4

Frequency of message channels.

Various Islamic programs launched in 2006, especially in Islam, were launched. People's book, the year of his Prophet and various shawls in Islam, and Islamic scholars taught the people and presented the best programs of dialogue, advertisement, women, social reports and records.

OrbitThe moonFrequencyFEC / SRQualityEncryption
7.0 ° rightEvelsat 7 West A11295 (H)27500 – 3/4SDFree
26.0 ° EBadr 611843 (H)27500 – 3/4SDFree

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