Friday , March 24 2023

Mental disorders are identified by dogs


Russian scientists develop a method of identifying schizophrenia with a mask. These dogs interact with people affected by this study, separating them from healthy people.

In the first phase scientists train scientists to recognize smell, and scientists then try to transfer these laboratories to laboratory and use schizophrenia using grimotography. ).

The study was conducted in collaboration with the Institute for Research of Environment and Evolution Severozoa, a research scholar Alexander Nazirov. We have set a goal to develop a technique to determine the development of schizophrenia in the body by the development of schizophrenia in certain substances, especially in the metabolism, for the sugar in the initial stages of the patient.

In the first phase, scientists plan to take the blood out of the sick and healthy, put them on a towel to dry them, then add some water to the napkin, which is a recognized way to look for dogs. As a result, if you are diagnosed from a group of people, this disease will separate the blood from healthy patients.

In the second phase, the experiment will be shifted to the Laboratory for Analyzing the Physical and Chemical Materials through Gas Inhalation.

Spit Pomerania dogs are involved in the exam because these species are characteristic of smell.

Neuron plays a major role in causing mental illnesses because Sagasophany and serotonin are responsible for happiness, dopomine, phantom cases, other anxieties, anxiety, and fear. The smell of patients may vary due to the smell of healthy people. Skyscrunics are said to not keep personal hygiene.

The idea of ​​learning in Russia started in the 1970s but had only surveillance. Scientists have argued that dozens of experiments have been tried to prove theories against experts.

The early diagnosis of schizophrenia due to the smell is a great need for future doctors.

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