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"Make your happiness" at Sharjah International Book Fair



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Monday, November 5, 2018 – 11:26 p
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Monday, November 5, 2018 – 11:26 p

The 37th Conference of the Sharjah International Book Fair witnessed a wide variety of events. A session called "Make Happiness" was held to discuss the voluntary nature of such individuals and organizations and to discuss a Japanese drama "The Great Ninja".

The workshop organized by the Executive Director of the Sharjah Volunteer Awards, Fathima Al Balushi, aims to fulfill the duties of parents and schools in promoting the values ​​of human activities in their children and encouraging voluntary social activities.

Voluntary acts are a major balancing factor that repeats personal events and then becomes character and lifestyle, which adds to their owner's joy and happiness, and gives satisfaction and approval. Things.

The voluntary work of volunteers, employees and employees of government and private institutions, gives self-satisfaction as people active in their society after the retirement age of the people, especially the retirees.

Two Japanese Ninja "The Wonder ful Ninja" celebrate the play, ninjayud'dhattile Japanese epic, karuttanirattil wearing, known for the supernatural abilities of the children and the relations natakavumayulla, childhood, spoil, spoiling, "the Japanese word for music talpanre, creative, perfect harmony, a leader sanyeajiccukeant Ninja Ehattinre a guest to celebrate the celebration honors the Japanese girl trying to fight the assistants introduced a hint of Japanese heritage.

Through his amazing weapon and unmistakable movements that came under the principle of sound and visual effects, magical ninja and buddies came to the attention of one of the traditional and legendary features of old Japanese stories in an Visual Panel that captures the youth.

Japan and around the world, also known as ninjakal or ninjutukal, but the "ninja" as the term is widely used, .Duties historical novels Trending in 1955, the result of, gross exploitation of the people by the impression caranmarekkuricc developed after the main work in the time of their Perfection exaggerated in Japan And.

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