Monday , June 5 2023

Health: Low fat content in children and adolescents


A new study has shown a good relationship in improving the condition of fatty patients who are not alcoholics amongst teens and adolescents and washing with low sugar.

The University of California Medical University's University of California Medical College changes the fat fat before and after 8 weeks of study based on MRI-based liver fat.

Researchers published in the latest edition published by the American Medical Foundation divided into two groups. One week less sugar (less than 3 percent calorie intake) is 8 weeks.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver is a disease that affects both adolescents and adolescents, particularly obesity, fat and cholesterol.

Sugar is added to foods and drinks, especially sugar-based juice, researchers found 40 patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease from 11 to 16 years.

Reduced weight of the diet The glucose, fruit and screws are common in sweet foods, drinks and fruit juices.

Researchers found that lower blood sugar levels are less than 31% lower than those of the second group.

"Liver can play a powerful role in developing fat, so it can reduce the amount of food, which is beneficial to the non-alcoholic fatty extract." Researcher Dr. Jeffrey Schwimmer said.

"The best improvement we have seen in 8 weeks is to push us into the next phase and examine this approach to see if fat-liver patients can be treated efficiently," he said.

Non-fermented fatty liver disease can lead to serious health problems, sometimes resulting in cirrhosis of the children, liver cancer, and liver damage. Type 2 diabetes will increase by 70%.

One study revealed that one-fourth of the world's population has been affected by non-alcoholic liver disease.

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