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Hamad Al Sharqi Peace Summit Shri Rafi Shankar – Dubai Dubai


Fujairah, November 15, (Sheikh Hamad bin Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum,
A member of the Supreme Council and Fujairah, the governor of the UAE
For the promotion of mutual unity, the United Nations should ensure its position as a leadership nation
The relationship between different cultures emphasizes the humane trends
Constants, which consist of the principles of the good leadership of the state, are based on firm belief
Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Salman was one of the founders of Al Nabi
God redeems his soul.

This arrived at his meeting with Shaikh Sabah Al-Khalifa
Prince Mohammed bin Hamad bin Mohammed al-Sharki Fujairah's prince, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Ambassador for his participation in his visit
International Day celebrations in Nadiya stadium in the evening
Fujairah sports.

Fujairah's ruler told him that the country has a long history in the country
Peaceful coexistence and commitment to renewal and unity in a variety of cultures
United Arab Emirates has a policy of tolerance
Strengthen coexistence and coordination around the world.

The Salman Conference called on Sri Lanka's ambassador for Sri Lanka
Rafi Sankar appreciated his efforts in the area of ​​humanity.

His role as Lord Ravi Shankar thanked the ruler
Fujairah, it paid attention to humane activity.

Shaikh Dr D. Chuzhou, Chairman of Fujairah Authority Rashid bin Hamad al-Sharqi was present at the meeting
Cultural and Information Sheikh Saif Bin Hamad bin Saif Al Sharky, Chairman of the Regional Authority
Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Saif Al-Sharqi is the Head of Government Department
Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad bin Saif Al Sharke, president of the Federation
Emirates Body Building and Physical Stretch, Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad bin Saif
Sheikh Sultan bin Saleh Al-Shirki and Shaikh Hamad Bin Saleh Al-Shurki.

Saeed Bin Mohammed Al Rakbani and His Highness Advisor were also present at the meeting.
Fujairah governor, Mohammed Sayeed al-Dhanani, Director of Amiri Diwan, H
Salem al-Sahmi, the director of the Prince of Fujairah's Crown, is the big business
In the UAE and most of the investments in the world.

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