Sunday , April 2 2023

Hadron: A Bachelor's First Bachelor's Degree in Women's Police in McCalla


Hadrage Security Activity and United Arab Emirates Hurdraou Brigadier Muneer Karamat Hadrout Governorate was the Director General of the General Directorate of Security and Police in the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu and Colonel Ahmed Hasan bin Ali Al Haj. The UAE Passport Director, Al-Rayyan International Airport Deputy Deputy Deputy Delegate Ahmad bin Mubarak Al Balushi, Capt. Ali Saeed Alian, director of Public Relations & Moral Guidance at Hradamost Cost.

General Director General of General Director General of Police and Police, Brigadier General Muneer Al Thamimi, announced on the occasion of the graduation ceremony of 50 women police officers at the security training course. Security lectures were conducted in the investigation, arrests, arrests, criminal investigations, or investigations. Other lectures present as the first cornerstone of women's pension censor safety ideas to improve the security of women security guards for security, firming and strengthening of Haddahout.

Brigadier Tamimi thanked the UAE for its support for the life and human empowerment of the Haddurat governorate in order to provide safe and sustainable sustainability in the region of Al-Qaeda's entry into the provinces of the province of Arab Komayama and provide unauthorized support in all security and military sectors. In the official continuity of all departments, & # 39; service & # 39; s in the context of their commitment to the commitment of women security officers, Pour the excitement.

Colonel Ahmed bin Mubarak Al Balushi, deputy envoy to the Ministry of Home Affairs in the UAE, was addressing, arresting, verifying the leadership of the Home Ministry of the United Arab Emirates. The army can safeguard the security and stability and protect public private property.

Security Director Majeed Al Tutaimi and Director General of Security and Police Mujahar Al Tamami also participated in the graduation ceremony of Hadramoat's services for child development and development. Development of the safety system and participation of women constituents

At the end of the ceremony, graduates were honored with all the skills award certificates.

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