Sunday , January 29 2023

Emer Antwerrene launches Real Cinema-The Point in the first film production of the Palme Jumeirah


(MENAFN – EDITORIAL) The movie lovers from Palm Jumeirah will be the first ever Emer Enter. With the opening of the world-class real-dow point, there are five facilities for 268 people. An unusual viewing experience on all criteria.

All rooms include barcode laser and Dolby atoms. The Reil Cinemas Point has 2 premier rooms and three movie style halls. Guests can choose among the favorite films of the world famous Chef Guy Vie.

Apart from the traditional food and beverages available in the Premier rooms, the dining room of the restaurant offers visitors a "Guy fiery" dishes like "Trash Can Nakos", "Tuna Koki Tucos", Chicken Wings, Chicken Crunch Crisis Beef, Chimney, Cheese Burgers, Mint Pepper and many more.

In addition to improving the dining options in Palm Jumeirah, Emer Entertainment Guy Restaurant offers 100 people. There is a rich menu rich in conventional American cuisine, fruit, and cocktails. The restaurant welcomes all visitors, including those who want to have a delicious meal without seeing a film in a restaurant. Gourmat, who wants to eat the most delicious food in the best social network, becomes a favorite destination for consumers.

Rear Cinemas – The Point is an interaction between Emar Entertainment and Nakheel. Palm Jumeirah presents world-class entertainment with dining options for residents and visitors.

Dubai Mall, Real Mall – Dubai Marina Mall, Seven Halls, First Room Rooms, Real Reel Boatik Cinema in the Row Downtown Hotel, One of the first halls, a movie from the United Arab Emirates. The launch of new REIL Cinemas takes place in important places in Dubai and the major cities of the region.

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