Monday , May 29 2023

Egyptian broadcaster and fox .. What is the “real” cause of the crisis?


The episode angered audiences of social networking sites, with some asking the Egyptian broadcaster to stop after a hunt in a desert area of ​​Egypt, mainly targeting foxes and wolves.

As a result of the outrage of the “social media” audience, a Nahar channel issued a statement apologizing to viewers for the content of the episode, pointing out that episodes on various social media platforms had been removed from the accounts..

Not the first time

Reham Saeed’s episode is a complete violation of media norms, says media expert Dr. Yasser Abdul Aziz confirmed that the broadcaster’s self-defense was “faded” and that she was not allowed to shoot an episode without knowing the extent of its legitimacy and that she did not know that her journey was illegal, as Reham Saeed had said..

In a special statement from “Sky News Arabia”, Abdul Aziz explained that the Supreme Council for Media should be held accountable in the event of a professional error, and that the episode was a clear propaganda of illegal conduct and that there was a tendency to go against professional standards. Be careful with content that deals with issues related to animals or the environment.

He continued: Reham Saeed, the history of the media, has many professional mistakes, as happened in multiple episodes such as episodes of “The Mall Girl” and “The Atheist Girl”, and she is constantly creating controversy to increase the number of viewers..

Government action

The Environment Minister said that Reham Saeed had made several mistakes in the episode..

The episode presented a false and unprofessional message to promote illegal actions and behaviors using prohibited hunting tools and methods because they would harm the animals and the Minister considered it a clear violation of the laws and customs of animal welfare..

Egyptian law

Under Article (28) of the Environmental Law of 2009, Egyptian law criminalizes such offenses: “The following acts are prohibited in any way: hunting, killing, capturing, capturing, exporting or exporting birds, wildlife and aquatic life. Or importing or trading in them, living or dead, in whole or in part, or in derivatives, or in activities that destroy their natural habitats or habitats, destroy their concentrations, or destroy eggs or products.

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