Tuesday , September 27 2022

Do you like tea or coffee? A scientific study reveals the secret of your answer

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A recent study found that the taste genes found in humans are responsible for the preference of coffee or tea.

The University's researchers suggest that genetic handling helps us to select a drink that affects our tea and coffee, recognizing the hand of some things "northwest".

"The Guardian", a British-based researcher, Marilyn Cornellis said: "The main information for the purpose of selecting a particular drink, especially the taste for the taste, adds to the taste of the ingredient, without prejudice, and choosing drinks."

A study published in the newspaper "Scientific Reports" suggests that a large genetic group drinks coffee and drinks large amounts of coffee. However, the bitumin alkaline quinine shows that the low dose of coffee is a decrease in appetite.

In the daily diet of coffee, the increase in coffee increases the person who loves to drink. The "tasting" of "normal slow" takes four cups of drink a day.

Studies have shown that people who drink coffee with tea are often breastfeeding. "Shampoo Tea" Because of the divergence of alcohol, coffee is more focused on coffee.


A recent study found that the taste genes found in humans are responsible for the preference of coffee or tea.

Researchers at the University of Northwest, University of Northwest, said: "Genetic expertise leads us to selecting a drink that uses tea and coffee to recognize certain material.

This study contains important information needed to understand a particular drink, especially delicious, especially the purpose of determining the taste. The British Guardian website said, "Do not forget the taste of the ingredients and make sure you select the drink after making the ingredients." Merlin Coronation pointed out.

Large gene-based people with caffeine supplements can drink and drink a large amount of coffee. However, a study published in scientific reports suggests that the decrease in appetite is a decrease in the bitumen alkaline quinine.

Daily cup coffee also helps to convert from "plain drink" to "strong tasting", which takes about four flowers.

In tea, coffee drinkers are often called "alcoholic drinks". This is because of the difference in the size of the gall bladder and the more concentrated coffee.

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