Thursday , November 14 2019
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Characters for "Al Cartoon" in Abu Dhabi

According to the 47th National Day celebration, the Dalma Mal in Abu Dhabi will feature al-cartoon characters in the United Arab Emirates cartoon series. In the festive atmosphere of national day festivals, a group of gifts presented by the heroes of the series will succeed with the characters' characters like «Shambi,« Afar »,« Atherea »,« Mohair »and« Boomer ».
Cartoonism is a reflection of the lifestyle, soul and authenticity of the emiry culture and traditions.
This series was popular among the Emirite families. It was the first comedy art in the Gulf that first introduced cartoon characters in 2004, via video clips distributed to mobile devices.
On December 1-3, a live interactive music show will be held in the UAE and folklorographs of the UAE.

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