Tuesday , March 28 2023

Bani Yass overcomes Arabism and joins the qualifying round for the President’s Cup


Bani Yass snatched the qualifying card for the quarter-finals of the President’s Cup by defeating guest Al Araba by two clean goals in a match that brought the two teams together at the Al-Shamkha Stadium today.

Bani Yas Ahmed Shehda scored in the 71st and 79th minutes.

The match started with a pressure attack from landlord Banias to steal a goal to help control the match and not to go for extra runs or penalty kicks, but the unwavering and alertness of the guests’ defense surprised him, al-Arabi, one of the first league teams.

The absence of two foreign professionals, Suarez and Joao Pedro, was evident by the rules of the tournament, so he was asked to play with two players when facing the first league teams, so Romanian Bonnie Yas coach Isila sent two defenders, Sasha Avovic and Argentina’s Straulikovic.

Al-Oruba succeeded in sealing the key to his host’s game, which continued to be under constant attack throughout this half, scoring opportunities from Bani Yas shooters flew in from Khomeis, and Suhail al-Nubi Sultan al-Shamsi and Al-Oruba goalkeeper Mohammed Ali into the final goal. White.

From the Al Oruba, Baniyas match.  (From source)

In the second half, Al-Oruba’s balanced performance, good positioning and reliance on apostates continued, but his apostates did not stop Bani Yass’ attack, which saw Al-Oruba goalkeeper in the 71st minute when Bani Yass sent striker Ahmed into a header that could not be stopped or returned.

In the 79th minute, Sharda Jarra Al-Oroba scored from a powerful shot from inside the box, with Mohammed Ali scoring the second goal for the landlords.

After two goals, Bani Yas played more calmly and comfortably, the coach provided several substitutes to rest some key members of the team, and Bani Yas won the clean double until the referee announced that the match was over.

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