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Artists cursed the death of Lebanese Amal Hamadah! | Worldwide

After the death of Amal Hamadah daughter of the southern city Nabati, 41-year-old Lebanese Street suffered great grief at the Najada hospital in Nabata before her death.

Amal Hamadah (born 1976), his eldest brother (brother and sister) died of the same cause.

Perhaps because of this, Amal expected a television interview with a clandestine prediction that she feels a fear similar to a sister seeing her body.

Hamada's first appearance in the media after a television interview. His famous vocabulary "Advanced Men" became a material for television programs later.

Many well-known artists expressed sadness and sorrow for their sadness following the spread of the news. Tweets tweets on Twitter on Twitter said: "I did not know Amal Hamada's death," he said.

Artist Joe Rad said: "God had mercy on her, she was good and depressed, and I lived in the spirit of laughter.

Your soul and laughter will remain with me, the most expensive.

Maggie Ghaus wrote a song to grieve The death of Amal Hamada"Amal Hamada means … God has mercy on your sweet love, dwelling in the vastness of his crimes and in the patience of your family .. You have our prayers." Eliza said on Twitter, "I knew a lot about Amal Hamada's death, and we pray and pray for the Spirit of God is mercy.

Amal Hamadah Anabella died on the way to Halal

The body of Amal Hamadah will be buried on Wednesday at Nabatae. Relatives and friends will be cremated at funeral ceremonies. The popularity of Amal Hamadah three years ago, Future TV found an opportunity to say that it was "extinct", that word spread widely.

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