Thursday , August 11 2022

An artist reveals the secret of a request for a funeral from his fianc തന്റെe


Egyptian actress Bushra recently sparked controversy on social media over her fianc’s unconventional request that the engagement be delayed. Instead of buying a chain for his wedding, Bushra asked his fiance to set up a cemetery for her.

Regarding the reason for that request from his fiance, Bushra explained to the “IT Arabic” program: “Death is not far away from us. . “It is natural to think that no person or thing exists in this world,” she added.

Bushra celebrated his engagement to businessman Salem Haykal at the closing ceremony of the El Guana Film Festival on the red carpet in a spectacular fourth session.

After spreading many rumors about her age difference and her fiance being 6 years older than him, they denied the gospel completely and in detail, confirming that they were the same age and not the same age, as some websites indicated.

Source: Sputnik

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