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AMEND 50 anniversary celebrations in Riseen and Radeon VII Golden releases

AMD Riseon 7 2700X and AMD Radeon 7 graphics cards released.

A track record company that has proven to provide innovative gaming products and high quality computing is a "first class product, game, and unique souvenir products.

With the innovative and improved breeding experience for hundreds of customers, AMD has been able to expand its production range in high-quality computing, "Taylor said.

"We are sharing this anniversary with our customers all over the world, inspiring us to stay in this spirit for 50 years and more until 2069."

The new AMD Ryzen processor and the AMD Radeon Graphics Card were introduced and customers were invited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of AMD. AMD Ryzen 7 is designed to enhance 2700X players, creators and enthusiasts and is the best-selling online merchant with workshops around the world. In addition, this gold edition processor is Dr. Dr. In the memory of the company established, Sulog has been printed on the cover of the processor cover, powder packaging and AMD50.

The AMD50 Gold is the gold version of the AMD Radeon VII graphics card. The company offers extraordinary performance and amazing experiences for virtual games, virtual reality (VR), display applications, video editing and next generation generation capabilities. Radeon VII is the world's first 7th game graphics card.

The gold edition of AMD Raisen processors and AMD Radian graphics cards can be purchased from April 29 to June 8, 2019. Gold Editions and other AMD Riseon processors, Radeon Graphics Cards, or Rozen PC, a coupon to get the PC World Warp version free of charge.

Clancy division 2 gold edition and they will get a voucher Entrance permits for the first season of each year in the first seminar of each year, eight secret assignments and recruitment awards (award prizes), agenda ward, start three scholarship extensions; ; Without the AMD50 exclusive badge within the game.

AMEND 50 anniversary celebrations in Riseen and Radeon VII Golden releases

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