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After a slight rise … the dollar price against the pound in banks today


The US dollar strengthened against the Egyptian pound on Sunday, December 6, 2020 at the start of today’s trade.

The US dollar depreciated slightly against the Egyptian pound in the first week of December.

At three major government banks, the National Bank of Egypt, Egypt and Cairo, the dollar appreciated by one paise in weekly transactions, the Central Bank of Egypt and the Commercial International Bank of Egypt.

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The dollar is valued at about. 15.60 to buy and 15 15.70 to sell at Egyptian banks Al-Ahly, Egypt and Cairo.

The central bank announced the official price of. 15.60 per dollar, .7 15.73 per sale, while the average selling price was .6 15.61, .7 15.71.

Commercial International Bank – The dollar was trading at around .6 15.62 in Egypt and .7 15.72 in sales in Egypt.

The US dollar witnessed the difference between the fall and rise against the Egyptian pound in the November 2020 trading month.

Most of the US dollar’s depreciation against the Egyptian pound fell as Al-Ahly banks in Egypt, Egypt and Cairo and several banks operating in the local market lost about 6 piers of its value, while the Commercial International Bank depreciated 4 piers in Egypt. 4 to 6 Piesters in the Central Bank of Egypt compared to the first transactions in November.

The dollar depreciated against the Egyptian pound, with most major banks operating in the domestic market, especially the three major public sector banks, Al-Ahly, Egypt, Cairo, and the Commercial International Bank and the Central Bank posting two to four paise in the last week of November. , To close November trading, less than the beginning of the month.

Despite the spread of the corona virus (Kovid 19) pandemic, the Egyptian pound lost about 34 pistols against the Egyptian pound in the first 10 months of this year, as a result of increased dollar inflows and declining imports.

The price of the US dollar witnessed stability against the Egyptian pound, rising by 11 pistols in the third week of May, over a period of more than two months.

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