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"ADIPEC" in Abu Dhabi harvesting on the third day


From: Inas Behagat

Abu Dhabi – Mubarzar: The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPCI) is the most influential event in the global oil and gas industry on the third day of the 20th edition of Wednesday.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) BEAUTY "has announced a plan to invest 5.1 billion dirham for the development and expansion of the industry..

The 650 million barrels of crude oil are aimed at increasing productivity every day. The agreement is aimed at achieving integrated strategies by 2030 for smart growth.

The second agreement between ADNOC and Mubadala Mubadala, Benefit from the variety of refineries and petrochemical assets, Mubadala's portfolio, is intended to explore potential growth potential.
This Agreement supports ADNOC's goal of investing globally on gas, refining and petrochemical spheres.

Sultan Al Jaber, Chief Executive Officer, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company said) The company will remain in full control of the government of Abu Dhabi. He said that the companies do not intend to cut their stake in the refineries and gas fields and are competing with big oil companies.

This week, France's totle and sideline ADNOC, which announced two gas transactions, would sign more contracts in this sector, seeking foreign investment opportunities in LNG.

In 2040, the long-term LNG supply agreement will be expanded, as well as Seven short and medium contracts have been signed To sell 4.2 million tonnes of LNG annually.

Gas, refinancing, petrochemicals etc. During Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC 2018).

The goal of the Forum is to present the details of the new gas strategy recently announced.

ADIPEC participated 800 senior officers from the global oil and gas sector. ADNOC reviewed the Comprehensive Gas Policy adopted by the Supreme Petroleum Council on November 4.

Exploration, Development and Production at ADNOC Director Abdel Monim Sefi Al Alkki, "Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Forum gives global oil and gas companies an opportunity to develop ADNOC's Research Development, Development and Production, and enhance commercial availability on commercial basis."

Earlier this year, an agreement with South Aramco was signed by the Indian Oil Corporation's consortium. On the western coast of India, the opportunities and the opportunities for making a large oil refineries and a petrochemical complex in Ratnagiri region are the dollars.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces,The ADIPOC, ADIDOC, is the main corporation in 2018

During this period, he examined the wings of national and international companies of the countries and described the most important projects and initiatives in the oil and gas industry.

Due to strong need, ADIPEC 2018 will open on Thursday (November 15) evening 5 pm instead of 5 pm.

For more details on the event, see highlights through this video link.

Future Designing Companies for Oil and Gas Distributions Decisions and Guidelines and Policy Planners ADIPEC is hosting four Ministers, CEOs and leaders of Global Oil and Gas Companies that share their expertise in the field within four days.

The agenda in the ADIPEC conference includes about 200 meetings with approximately 980 experts, with over 10,400 visitors.

The exhibition and conference will feature 2,200 exhibitors, 27 national pavilions and more than 100,000 visitors from 125 countries.


On the second day of ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi

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