Monday , February 6 2023

According to Standard & Poor's, Gulf Finance has to pay $ 300 billion by 2021


Between 2018 and 2021, the S & P credit rating agency estimates that the GCC must raise $ 300 billion.

According to the report,CNBCSaudi Arabia has the biggest fund requirement.

On average, the S & P Sector is expected to earn 70% of the 300 billion dollars required by the countries and the rest 30%.

Qatar and Bahrain have to consider their debt. Kuwait and Abu Dhabi have more assets.

This year oil prices and a series of government initiatives aim to diversify the resources of this sector rather than relying on oil revenues rather than helping the budget sovereigns in 2018 to improve budget deficits and reduce budget deficits..

According to Standard & Pueblo's estimates, the total gap of Gulf Arab governments will rise from 190 billion in 2016 to 75 billion dollars next year.

However, the mid-scient mid-sciences of the GCC government have played a big role in the economic crisis in 2015 due to fall in oil prices.

The agency says the trend has not been identified.

Standard and Poor's predicted in the GCC government's budget until 2021.

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