Sunday , April 2 2023

A mummy toll with a musical robot


Sharjah is part of the 10th edition of the Abu Dhabi Art Festival, a workshop of Sharjah Children's Biennale, at the age of eight years old, "The Mumma Elephant Doll".

In the child's room hanging on the wall, when the child loses, the child will sing in the baby's voice until the child enters the room to calm the child. A young member made an idea to read and play music and to give reading and books to those who want to read.

The sixth edition of the Sharjah Children's Biennale will be held on the occasion of the Abu Dhabi Art Festival. The slogan "Future is in your imagination". The first such art form takes place in the UAE and the premise of sponsoring children's artistic talent. "Little Inventors" is a global art program that promotes children's creativity, develops their ideas and transforms into real innovations.

In November, all children between the age group of 6 to 18 will be able to submit their ideas to the Renaissance. The biennale gives you the opportunity to participate in the sixth session via, November 30.

«The Future of Your Imagination» .. The Biennale Logo of the sixth session.

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