Wednesday , September 28 2022

Why are you awake in the morning?


The pain that is awake in the morning may be a symptom of many diseases. Belt Yesilada Yagbasan, is given below: "Vitamin deficiency forms in the form of vitamin deficiency, thyroid disorders, cancers, cardiomyopathy, ear throat illnesses, respiratory problems, mucoscopic diseases, gastrointestinal tract, sleep disorders, a discovery.

Symptoms of fatigue; We may be experiencing wrong or incomplete results, such as dry reading, uncomfortable muscle pain, gastrointestinal disorders, low dawn, dizziness, and dysfunction in our daily routine. "

Be careful not to be tired!

Internal Medicine Specialist Belma Yasilada Yagbasan is a morning proposal for what to do to reduce the fatigue associated with fatigue:

– Regular, good night sleep is important. One healthy person needs 7-9 hours of sleep every day. Also, sleep every evening, relax and sleep together at the same time.

– The importance of our food is important. Unhealthy foods; It causes nutrition, vitamin, mineral and calorie deficiency.

– Daily water consumption is sufficient. If one has no health problems, they should take 2-2.5 lts of water daily. This amount varies depending on one's work, daily physical activity and season. Water is a very important substance for metabolism at the cellular level. The body's hydration causes the blood pressure to decrease and become tired during the day.

-S ports; Initially it causes muscle and fatigue in the body, but it usually adjusts the person who is regular.

We spend an average of one-third of the beds in the beds. The sleep we choose must be suitable for our body and suitable for our possessions. Or a poor sleep; It is always a brain of brains for many days.

Electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones should be considered. Electronic equipment affects the level of melaton in the lights, the hormone responsible for sleep. So all these devices will remain for half an hour before lodging.

We need to focus on selecting the drinks and foods we eat for hours. Beverages like tea, coffee and green tea will increase our alertness and make you less affordable sleep. In addition, eating sugar and other carbohydrates up to sleep can also breathe in the source of sleep.

– Chronic fatigue and fatigue should be extracted. Painful fatigue due to insomnia However, chronic fatigue; Hormone can cause a number of reasons for neuronal causes, nutritional defects, viruses, and depression.

Occasionally, these measurements continue to work on issues such as exercise, fatigue, subsequent weaknesses, immune problems, muscle pain and headaches. In this situation a health organization should discuss. "

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