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What is yogurt? | What are the benefits of yogurt?

Other names; Herbaceous herb, shepherd filter, wall basil, goose webs, sticky grass, and so called green grass have many advantages over human health in terms of human health. Curd is a cure that indicates that good yogurt is good for the disease. There are three types. Although these species have grown in many places and in the soil, they have different advantages and advantages. In addition, the cereal grass tea has been astonishingly investigated. What is curd grass? What are the benefits of yogurt? How to use yogurt

What is yogurt?

There are three kinds of yogurt grass. In general, all three varieties have the same healing properties. But it is separated from each other on the basis of places and shapes.

Yogurt grass: At high places it is 60 cm. Vertically growing
There are golden yellow flowers. There is a smell like honey smell.

glue This curd is found in grass, fields, and worms. Up to 120 cm. Their stems have tusks and small spines. There are little white flowers that are a relatively climber species.

Goose Collector, Shepherd's Strainer: Growing in bushes and road. In the flowering period, the plant lies on the side. Flowers yellowish or yellowish.

What are the benefits of yogurt?

The liver is effective in removing toxins collected in the membrane. This will remove the toxins from the body in urine.

Yoghurt is a nutrient to protect against lymph hormones. It is used to dissolve thyroid. In the study, it made a shield in the body against lymphatic cancer.

– Reducing iron deficiency cells for blood donor blood cells. By stabilizing the blood cells in platelets, it will reduce the risk of edema.

– People who have a weak immune system can occasionally use it as a natural remedy to eliminate cuts in the intra-e-word. Infra-verbal infections cause the lungs to get rid of acne without reducing acne.

Pain in the legs and legs that prevent Aimeca by balancing the platelet cells. For neck pain, yogurt can be used at home grass cream. In some time this herb shows the effect of drought.

Sleep deprivation may reduce the number of tissues in the nervous system and reduce the risk of mental illness.

– Cure the herb without effective skin care, is an effective remedy for boiling anesthetics.

– Experts have the effect of watering the water created from this plant.

How to use yogurt

– Honey, sweets, or lemons are not used in preparing yogurt yogurt.

– After cooling, wash your face with the dish. Studies have shown that stains and wrinkles have been reduced.

How to make yogurt grass tea

Prepare 10 minutes of curd and boil
There is a brew.

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