Monday , December 6 2021

We put 14 million products in Turkey


Trade Minister Ruhzar Peckhan said that they had reached 500 million, taking control of test products and samples from the 14 million products that Turkey had blocked access. The rise in exclusive prices has resulted in thousands of 666 companies inspecting uncontrolled prices. A total of 612 companies have been fined. On October 31, October, 43,7 tonnes of drugs and 14 million packet of cigarettes were declared on the fight for trafficking. In the first 10 months, 11,000 tonnes of unauthorized fuel oil was found.

22 manufactured in the product
The drug dealers announced a three-dimensional photo of the passenger, Istanbul airport, passenger baggage baggage control system, as well as announced that they would use the detector device. During the first 10 months, exports stood at $ 138.8 billion, imports were 190.4 billion dollars, said Perkin. We lost $ 1.8 billion in taxes equivalent to our initial order, particularly coal, paper and American products, which cost 22 taxes, "he said, adding that on November 8, 2018, Olive Gate Customs Gate opened the door to Afridi.

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