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VW Transporter and Crafter Madea "Mail in Golcuk" stamp

Ford, one of the two largest brands in the US, said that Volkswagen, the largest brand in Europe, is capable of producing automobiles and automobiles.

Bertragon from Bloomberg HT says it will produce VW Commercial Vehicle Crafter and Transport at Golwick Factory, produced by Ford Otozan Transit and Customer.

Ford Autosan General Manager Heidar Yenjin spoke about Ford, VW development, and the production of common vehicles for some time. No contract yet. Although the study continues, they still continue. Within a short time, both the companies will make Kolkata's official statement.

A Ford-designed VW Transporter, VW Transporter and Transit Visual View craft models have been announced. Volkswagen's annual 150 thousand 180 thousand units will shift production of commercial vehicles in Turkey.

Turkey did not produce total vehicles by October 2018, during the period 2017 552.825 units of the year 20198 439 644. The Volkswagen Volkswagen stated that Shift makes a big buzz in the commercial automotive industry.

Commercials Commercial Production Center of Europe

Since 2005, Turkey has been the largest exporter of all three among the first Oregon Kokkei, Golulochok and Yenonoy Factories, the plant in the research center of Eskisur Immobil Istanbul and the Zhanchkeppe.

By the end of 2017, 440,000 commercial vehicles and 75,000 motor-production capacities are the largest commercial vehicles of Europe in Europe. Turkey has received 67 per cent share of its commercial vehicles production, with 373 007 units being exported to the end of 2017.

Volkswagen is working to establish Ementon, Swiko and Hanover factories to generate electronic vehicles. This phase is being distinguished by the electric car manufacturer from Europe's largest domestic manufacturing engineer.

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