Friday , November 22 2019
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Turkey begins with Bitcoin during the fuel period

In the application of the application is to pass the auto-service gas stations of the fuel auction company, the Turkey agenda has a big impact.

Protect 10 TL at a Warehouse

The company also said that diesel fuel will be increased by 20 cents to 15 paise per liter.

This means it's about 10 lb savings while charging the entire 50-liter tank.

The service provider, Habur Turc, explained that customers will fill their own warehouses in 30 stations. Ahmet Eke, General Manager of Awesome, commented. The number of stations providing this service will be 100 per month.

Bitcoin is accepted in a year

If you do not, the system will not use automatic cars, it will be used in credit cards using a credit card.

Eke said that they will make money in the next period. They aim to reach Bitcoins and crypto coins at a point where they can be recognized within a year.

However, last year, ATM has sold 8.5 billion turnover from 600 different stations.

In January last year, Restaurant Child Kasop Donor also began receiving payments with Bitcoin.

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