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Transfer of a Bomb Transfer in Fenerbahce – Fenerbahke Transfer to Final Final 23rd January


Sports Super League is the fastest point in the history of the first half of the history of transformation. The newsletter calendar newspaper said that Fenerbahce has agreed to all the matter with Ada. Yellow laserdaily, 34 year old experienced striker must sign a formal agreement for 1.5 years. Fernbac's sports director Damien Komali met Adrian Darryn Dean. The journey to Adabaua will be allowed after the Domba Bawa transit of the Bombay Sherey regime.

Victor comes to Moses

Fenerbahce's long-term conversation ended with joy and agreed to hand over to Victor Moss. Fenerbahce, Chelsea Victor Mousin Victor Mozin changes everything in the English club and the football stardom. Yellow Magazines have been rented for 6 months by Victor Moses, and the club will sign an official agreement.

UK requires 3 calls

The yellow-laser blue dealer ended the contract with three major foreigners. Moses and Durango are in discussions with Chelsea, where players retain their career in the Premier League because of their final decision. The transfer to the yellow-blue team of the Premier League, Moses and Drunkvator, will not come out in the last days. The FedBack is the last midfielder of the Norwegian midfielder Stephen Johansson in Fuhnham.

Sea luse claim

The eyes changed over the striker's transfer due to the slimani futuristic performance in Fenerbahce. Ersun Yanal, who wants to transfer to this field, wanted to add Spaniards Moscow to Suki Lucius. This season, 27-year-old Green Nose Islander football player Spartak Moscow signed up 24 of the 14 matches. The market value of a star name is shown at € 7 million.

Adrian Silva's uncertainty

Inter will be made for Portuguese star Adrian Silva. Silvia Inter Transfer can be sold if you sell Galliardini according to the news in Italy. Silva has a good opinion about the Milan club.

Elys want

Fenbahas's best transfer during the transfer time between the players who want to transfer, and 22-year-old Alfred Eliza's uniform worn MLS Houston Dynamo, is a suit from England. England's Bromwich Albion has offered a £ 5 million pounds to young Elvis Elvis, 22-year-old young footballer. The Houston Dynamo, the MLS team has refused to send young talented players from the team. Meanwhile, the club will reply to auction of £ 5 million.

Fenerbahoo wished and injured

Sampata Fenerbahack, a football player from Milan, was accused of agenda. Milan Club made a statement on Sapa's injury. In a statement from Milan, Saputha's thigh wounded immediately after the wound. After 2 weeks, the scrutiny will be done and the team should leave only the team. The suggestion for Christian saving in the agenda for the transfer work appeared in Fenerbahce. According to Italian journalist de Marzie, yellow penguins have offered Christian Saupata 1.5 years of contract. A pro-Positive Approach approach has been documented in this proposal.

Sedar Aziz Manager has been confirmed

Haleq Kathar, manager of Galatasar Serdar Assis, made major statements on the White Football program of Basies TV. "We received an offer from FenerBack and met with Serdar Aziz and Ersen Yanel," he added. Is there any possibility that Zerar Aziz will come to Fernabake? The people of Halak asked, "Yes," he said. It was true that Serder Aziz and Ersen Yanel spoke on the phone. Nevertheless, these interviews were prepared when he told Galatasaray and Fenerbahce. Zaradar Aziz and Ersen Yanel also met.

Reject backlinks

According to Saba, Sania Bakeri from Andaluc wants the Fenerbahce. Andrett said he would retain the Zakariya Balak in the team.

Tolga Arslan

As a result of the interviews, Toget has left the team in the Ascension Besancas Fenerbahce. When talking more about Fenerbahce, the Basicavas' demand was around 5 million euros and blue-tones not more than € 2 million. Discussions ended. According to Firut Gunnar from TRT scorer, if the manager of the Black & White Club does not accept an offer in Germany, Talcike will be able to forgive Aslan.

Empty purple grenade

Emmerse in the sales volume of the Selto Vigo encouraged Mork Fenerbahce. Technical Director Irshan Yanal, the younger anxieties want to go back to the old days.

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