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The world has stopped its breathing. Chess tournament will end today

Two Great Masters, who can not fail to qualify for the World Chess Championship in London, England, will play in the final of the "Armageddon" (Mahzire) final from November 9.

With 12 matches, 48 ​​hours, more than 630 matches, the chess player will face one more time after 12 black eyes and 12 drops.

The winner of the London battle will get a million dollars today.

The London War in London will receive a million dollars prize.

Since parties have not been able to subdue each other since November 9, they will succeed in winning the historic victory. In 1972, he was the first US chess player to win the world title of Bobby Fischer.

We're discharging the football world chess

In the last match, Carlsen made a standstill for his opponent after three hours of fighting when the helfets came to hear the players say. Players moves live on YouTube and the popular video channel live in Twitch.tv and other Mahind Masters.

The series of 12 most recent tournaments in the history of world championships held since 1886. On the accelerated games, Callin seems to be a favorite. Gary Casparov, a former champion, gave a tie in the message on Twitter, indicating that Carlsen's perfection was uncomfortable. In normal games, every player gets 100 minutes of game time and as the game progresses, it will increase this time, let's look at the chessboard for minutes without the great mahasavers.

Dr. Carls is doctor,

Carcassian's doctor said, "If it is difficult for her, she could not win the game and we did not bury it. Now it's okay

However, the equilibrium will last 25 minutes and they will play 4 games. Ten times more after each movement. Playing two lightning games. Players will be given five minutes and three seconds after each player. It's possible for players to make mistakes in fast games.


Unlike here, Armageddon chess players feel like a dangerous dream. Consider a black winner at Armageddon. White plays more than one minute on black.

Carlsen will face Wells in the first tiebreak of the match today. Chess experts agree that the fastest season is better than Norway's Carlsen opponent. Since Norwegian chess star Russian Sergei Kajaj was defeated in the New York City Championship two years ago.

It was the day when he would be rested.

It was the day when he would be rested.

Carlsen Ice Morristmist

Callin was preparing for the tournament. You've leaked through YouTube. In the days after the match, Carlsen played football in football. The film was based on the international media.

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