Friday , September 30 2022

The sick are called back


The first retro championship in the world, Turkey's first reverse runner, Omar Lion was recognized by the 2008 Istanbul-Retro (reverse) run offshore, and multiple sclerosis (M) restructured 10 km of turnaround traffic in Turkey to focus on the improvement of the social business life of the Vodafone 40 Istanbul Marathon.

Members of the "MS Platform", supported by Turkey, Black, and Izmir and Adana MS Association, participated in the event organized by Theme Vodafone 40 Istanbul Marathon and Racho Turkey this year.

"MS What you do not, move on to MS Leader, move on to your life!" Azlan Marathan joined the platform that launched a new movement in the recession.

The 10-km race started at Emmenon Point in Altunizade Point, which turned out to be the focus of the marathon runman Aslan.

The pre-marathon AA Correspondent Aslan said in a statement that the 15-year-old sports team, including today's Marathon MS Platform members and MS patients,

Emphasizing that these patients want to be recognized off the lawn of Turkey, MS when it comes to being known as the early detection diagnosis and continued to express their normal life, he said:

"To focus on this disease, I will return to the Eurasia Marathon today, and my goal in the competition is 10 minutes without coincidence, but I'm trying to complete it with a healthy and memorable manner."

– "We want to inform community here."

Turkey, a neurology specialist, Tobachenis Melih Mehta, is the Chairman of the Society. He is so close to me that he is involved.

MS is a disease caused by the confusion of the immune system. This is common among women between 20 and 40.

Tübingus said of the goal of joining the marathon on a platform:

We want to inform the community here that the disease will soon be detected, the treatment will begin, the more patients will be able to control the society, and the neurologist to bring up the complaints. "

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