Friday , September 30 2022

The main figures of FETÖ were captured in the Bulldoon


According to the information received from the prosecutor's office of the terraced and organized crime office office under FETÖ / PDY activities for intelligence branch and organized crime branch branches, the staff members of the organization followed the crime branch.

In Istanbul, there were striking details of the FETÖ's seven suspects in 11 different addresses. FETÖ members progressively stepped up within months and held their cell homes. They were Albert Gabbati.

Guybubin's possession of 2 pounds of gold

Operation, FETÖ / PDY Armed Terrorist Organization Riaz Gabbut House Responsibility ş Kürşat u Code R.Ş.in, Behramaz district was seized in an enclosed residence. Around 2 pounds of gold jewelery, a large amount of foreign currency, mobile phones, and organizational documents of the head of the Herald of Penzwani were seized. The pool was held in a luxury tube organized at the luxury residence of the residence of gold coins and coins. FATh / PDY's Fatih District & # 39; Region & # 39; s area of ​​Istanbul. Is called. Fatih's chief Ş.A. That's it. SHAA near shopping, also known as Fatih province lar in FETÖ district. Land transfer mark was held on behalf of the money. The Berambaza search addresses a luxury residence in luxury search.

The hamster officer was caught far off

In the organization Fatih Provincial Organization, known as FETÖ / PDY, Y. is a local AZYA, and is a member of the organization's most important financial sources, "Memento & # 39; Is responsible for the collection of sources. We were caught while preparing to escape. A large amount of TL and foreign currency were included in the organization.
The Welle State Imam took a cell, called the imam home

In the organization of the Istanbul organization, a high level "Ercan Yaplin Code". The self-sanctioned "Gaibet" stopped at home.
With the limited operation of the same operation, FETÖ member G Bot is the F Bakirkoy province. Officer responsible for construction. NT's brother was a stalker.

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