Tuesday , March 21 2023

Sports commentator has a heart attack


Sports commentator Şükrü Oytan, a local television channel in Eskiloir, made a brief heart surgery and arrived in a hospital during live broadcasting.

According to the information received, the Sponsus Toto league teams offer a telephonic conversation on Twitter through the SKS and sports cartoon sports cartoon program.

In the meantime, he reached his seat in Oya 112 emergency service teams at a private hospital.

Şükrü Oytan suffered a heart attack due to stroke due to heart attack.

"Sugar died of cardiovascular pacemaker at the hospital 10 days ago after finding the cardiovascular disease in the heart of our heart, and today our patient is breathless, unconscious and unconscious and we introduce Şukrü Oytan for our family and sports community to get our greetings."

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